Software Engineer interested in smart systems and the interactions between smart people needed to create them


Photograph of Nico Riedmann

This page is here to tell you a bit about me and what I do.

You can also find my CV here!

Aside from Software

I ike to spend my spare time reading, hiking with my dog, eating and occasionally managing to cook good food, riding motorcycles and driving old cars and recently writing tech articles.

Supporting People as a Lead and a Developer

I aim to have a positive impact, on …

people figuring out what they want to achieve
people achieving their goals
building environments enabling people to motivate themselves/supporting intrinsic motivation
building innovative software that helps people in some way

Agile Software Development

Since taking part in adopting and figuring out Agile at a small startup, both general Agile principles and the practices of creating software that allows for being agile fascinate me.

Since 2021 I co-organize Agile International Graz - an English language Agile Meetup in Graz.

Learning and Education

Sharing knowledge has been a common theme in my professional life, starting from my civilian service, through my studies to my work and personal projects. Recently this finds its main expression in writing articles to share my knowledge and volunteering as a referee and referee trainer for RoboCup Junior Austria, a yearly robotics competition for school children.


My collected thoughts and scribbles


Check out my articles on, my projects on github and gitlab, or just send me an email if you would like to get in touch!